četrtek, 07. februar 2013

Polished Polyglot: 100 Posts & giveaway!


- all four polishes of the Essence Snow Jam LE in: 
01 Goofy-blue,
02 Lilac is my style,
03 Life is a freeride,
04 top of the icestream
- the Essence Snow Jam mini files
- the Essence Snow Jam LE 24 hours protection Balm 
- the Essence Vintage district LE Nail art decoration kit in 02designer for a day
- one  Essence Vintage district LE nail polish in 04 get arty
- an Essence Vintage district LE gel liner set in 01 Shopping @ Portobello Road

Enter here: Polished Polyglot: 100 Posts & giveaway!:

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